What is scabies?

Scarbies is a rash that happens when very tiny bugs, called mites, burrow under the skin and cause itching and sometimes infection. It is also called the "itch."

Where does scabies appear?

Scabies appears as a rash or small sores around the finger webs, back of the wrists, elbows, in skin folds under armpits, lower portions of the bullocks and around the waist. These are the most common places but it can appear anywhere.

How do you get scabies?

Scabies is very contagious. Usually people catch this from skin contact with someone who has scabies. In people with skin conditions, such as eczema, where the skin is sensitive scabies may be easier to catch.

How do you know you have scabies?

At first the skin may be mildly itchy, this becomes worse, especially at night. To find out for sure you should see your doctor or community health nurse.

How is scabies treated?

A medicated lotion is applied all over the body after a bath or shower. This lotion is left on as directed

Is the lotion toxic?

The lotion can be toxic to humans if not use correctly. It should be used only as directed on the bottle. Using the lotion too often can be harmful. Children under two years of age and pregnant women should see the family doctor for treatment.

How do you know it is gone?

The itching may remain for a couple of weeks after treatment. If after two weeks, areas are still itchy, or new areas appear, you should see your doctor or community health nurse.

How do you clean clothes and around the house?

Clothing, bed sheets and blankets should be washed in very hot water, dried in the drier, or ironed with a hot iron. Another way to kill the mites is to freeze the clothes for 24 hours. Regular household cleaning and vacuuming mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture and car seats is also recommended.

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