Light Sheer Duet

Coming Soon!

Rethink the Business of Hair Removal

We’ve revolutionized the Gold Standard LightSheer with vacuum-assist technology and by dramatically increasing the spot size to 22 x 35 mm. The LightSheer enables you to treat backs and legs comfortably in only 15 minutes, making hair removal profitable...without anesthetics and gels.

  • No topical anesthetic required
  • Eliminate prep-time
  • Reduce treatment times up to 75%
  • Differentiate your practice
  • Grow your patient base
  • Grow your profits

Depth of Penetration

Larger spot size enables greater depth of penetration, for improved absorption of energy at the target follicle.


The LightSheer DUET includes two optimal wavelength 800 nm diode hair removal systems on one versatile platform.

New Light Sheer HS

22 x 35 mm spot size

  • Largest spot size of any diode
  • Integrated vacuum-assist technology
  • Pulse width up to 400 ms
  • No cooling or anesthetics required

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