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What is a peel?

What we call a peel is an exfoliation stimulated by a chemical solution. It is a safe and common practice. Dermaceutic has been working with dermatologists for several decades and has extensive experience in this area.

What molecules do you use?

Our superficial peels contain AHA and BHA, particularly glycolic acid, which is the smallest molecule in fruit acid. For medium peels, the most commonly used agent is TCA.

What is the benefit of a peel?

A peel in no way alters the shape of your face. It is an entirely natural and effective procedure performed by a professional. It is discreet, so those around you will find you radiant without knowing why!

Do I need to prepare before beginning a treatment?

It is strongly recommended to use the home care prescribed by your doctor to prepare your skin. You will need to start care at least 2 weeks before your first peel.

What happens during a session?

A session generally lasts 15 minutes and is made up of several steps: the cleansing of the area to be treated, the application of the peel and finally, only in certain cases, neutralisation. For most peels, you need to do at least 4 sessions a few weeks apart.

What are the after effects?

A few hours after the session, a slight redness to a sunburn effect will appear, depending on the type of treatment you have received.

Is it painful?

No, during the application of the peeling agent, you will feel tingling, or a light feeling of heat, then everything will disappear in a few minutes or hours (with the speed depending on the strength of the peel).

What safety precautions should I take?

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, have had any allergic reactions, or are undergoing any beauty (hair removal, tanning, micro-dermabrasion) or medical treatment. You must be sure to protect yourself from the sun (Sun Ceutic*) for at least a month after treatment.

What is the Cosmo Peel treatment?

The Cosmo Peel is a treatment used by doctors to improve a variety of disorders noticed on the skin due to ageing among which fine lines and wrinkles, smoker's skin complexion, dark spots. The Cosmo Peel treatment is usually done in several sessions. Usually 4 to 5 Cosmo Peel sessions are required to have a visible improvement. To have more details on the Cosmo Peel treatment, please refer to the dedicated section on the website: Cosmo Peel.

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